AdelWiggins W900 Performance Data

The W900 Series of flexible tube
connectors has been qualified to
the requirements of Specification
MIL-C-22263 and AS1650, plus
other special environmental tests
such as random gunfire vibration.

Operating Pressure 125 PSI*

Operating Temperature 120°F to +800°F

Proof Pressure 250 PSI

Burst Pressure 375 PSI

Temperature To 450°F depending primarily on O-ring material.
120°F to +800°F in models using special lip seals.

Maximum Temperature 900°F

(Max. Angular Misalignment)
±4° total angular tube flexure
(+2° per tube end centerline).

Flexure Capability 28,000 cycles with 3° flexure

Axial Movement Up to +1/8 inch from initially centered installation
for a total of 1/4 inch.

Electrical Bonding
Conforms to MIL-B-5087, Class S (<1 ohm)

Qualification Specifications AS1650 (92-03-03)

Seals Uses standard AS568 O-ring sizes provided by user,
with O-ring material selected to suit the application.

pdficon.gif Downloadable PDF * Specification rated pressure — may be substantially higher
depending upon size and other system requirements.