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VR300 Fast Fuel System for Off-Road Equipment PDF Print E-mail

A Quantum Leap in Refueling Technology!   

Get Your Equipment Back to Work Quickly with No Spillage to Clean Up!

  • 300 GPM Delivery
  • Dry Break Prevents
    Spillage from Tank
    to Nozzle
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Minimal Retrofitting
  • Lightweight
  • For Mobile or
    Fixed Fueling

VR300nozzlepic.jpg Your business depends on heavy, off-road equipment to get the job done, and taking time out to refuel is time stolen away from productivity.

We know how it is because AdelWiggins nozzles for off-highway equipment are the predominant method for refueling haul trucks, loaders, and dozers in more than 90% of the open pit mines around the world. Through 20 years of use our fuel delivery systems have passed the durability and functionality tests of the most brutal operating environments imaginable...just like the place you go to work every day. The expertise gained over these two decades has been applied to our new VR300 Fast Refueling System.

Whether you are an owner/operator or a service contractor, you'll quickly discover that the VR300 System represents a true, long term solution to all current environmental problems associated with equipment refueling. And it does so with delivery rates up to 300 GPM, through a compact nozzle that weighs just 9 lbs. Best of all, using the VR300 System requires no complex and expensive electronics to rapidly, safely, and cleanly fill fuel tanks to a pre-determined level. 

VR300diag10.jpgSee How the VR300 Works
See how the VR300 Fast Fuel System to rapidly, safely and cleanly fill fuel tanks with fast, safe, reliable operation!

Fail-safe Operation

The VR300 is a closed-circuit, pressure actuated refueling system that incorporates three main components: Nozzle, Receiver and Jet Sensor. They work in concert to assure that fuel continues flowing only when all three components are properly connected and functioning. If any of the three components malfunctions, or the tank is full, or the nozzle is not connected to the receiver, no fuel will flow; no accidental spills can occur.


The VR300 nozzle is field repairable in less than 30 minutes with only a wrench and screwdriver!




Rated Flow

10 to 300 GPM

Operating Pressure

25 to 125 PSIG

Pressure Drop    

7 PSID @ 200 GPM
18 PSID @ 300 GPM


30 Degrees

Disconnect Spillage

3cc, Max.

Housing Material



9 lbs.

Ordering Information

Components may be purchased separately.
Order by Part Number.



Self-Sealing Receiver


Jet Sensor - Straight

Hose Assembly VR303






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