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wigginsservelogo.jpgVent Installation

Half-couplings or floor flange couplings come with the vents. These couplings are welded to or bolted to the tank after the appropriate diameter hole has been cut. Then the vent assembly is simply screwed into the half-coupling or floor flange as the case may be. A suitable, fuel resistant thread lubricant should be used.

Receiver Installation

flush.gif Three types of receivers have been developed to accommodate different installations. Therefore, the tank preparation is different for each one.

1. The external type receiver is simply screwed into a 2" half-coupling that is welded to the tank, over the previously cut hole of appropriate diameter.

2. The flush-mounted weld-on receiver is welded directly to the tank, over the previously cut hole of appropriate diameter. Special welding precautions must be taken to prevent overheating the receiver and vulcanizing the O-ring seals. Unscrew nipple from flange while welding.

extrec.gif 3. The flush-mounted bolt-on type receiver can be bolted directly to the tank if the wall is thick enough for threading. Three perfect threads minimum. The tank surface must be flat to make a good seal. Use Permatex #3 on gasket and bolt threads. When the surface of the tank is not flat enough or the tank wall is not thick enough, a doubler plate with tapped blind holes is preferred. It provides a flat surface for mounting and sealing, eliminates possible leakage through bolt threads and allows positive number of threads for good attachment.

saddle.gif When receivers are used with saddle tanks, the cross over line must be larger than the fill line. A 2" cross-over line is preferred, and is required if the receiver is mounted in one of the tanks. Insufficient flow from one tank to the other may effect premature shut off prior to both tanks being full, with less than a 2" cross-over line. Each tank must be fitted with a vent assembly.


The ZNC4 is shipped with the ZN2A nipple installed only finger tight. Before welding the ZNC4 Receiver Assembly to the tank, remove the ZN2A nipple from the threaded flange to prevent transferred heat from damaging rubber seals in ZN2A.

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