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Wiggins Automatic Refueling System: Recommended Installation Information PDF Print E-mail

wigginsservelogo.jpgFast • Clean • Safe

  • Over 4 times faster - reduces 1
    hour of service time down to
    15 minutes!
  • Completely closed system
    prevents dirt from entering
  • autorefuelingsys.gifNo climbing on equipment, no spillage, no fire hazard
  • Minimizes fuel foaming

Each piece of equipment using the Wiggins Automatic Refueling System must have a receiver and vent installed in the fuel tank. The nozzle is attached to the fueling hose.

Installation of these components is so simple that their best location may be overlooked. The location of receivers also may determine the type of receiver used.

There are three types
of receivers:

1. Flush-mounted bolt-on
2. Flush-mounted weld-on
3. External

There are three types of vents:

1. With half-coupling welded to tank (ZV10A)
2. With floor flange bolted to tank (ZV10B)
3. Anti-Vandalism type (ZV11) which is lockable on tank filter neck

There is only one type of nozzle.

It is a push-to-connect pull-to-disconnect action. It will handle fuel flow up to 150 GPM.

Ways to Mount Receivers:

There are five ways to mount receivers to the fuel tank depending on the vehicle.
(For complete installation instructions see Bulletin WIS-5.)


Ways to Mount Vents:

There are three ways to mount vents.
(For complete installation instructions see Bulletin WIS-4.)

Installation Continued: 1 2 3 4


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