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Products must be maintained and installed in strict accordance with Wiggins Technical Brochure and installation Operation and Maintenance Literature. Failure to observe the warning could result in serious bodily injury or property damage.

For hazardous area applications involving such things as (but not limited to) ignitable mixtures, combustible dust and flammable, use an appropriate explosion proof unit. Non-explosion proof units should not be installed in "hazardous locations" as defined in NEMA standards, Publication No. 250-1979.


Interchanging connectors or components of different designs can be dangerous even though they may appear to function if so interchanged. The interaction of mating precision parts as designed is essential to reliability and safety, otherwise leaks and other failures can result. Do not mix or interchange parts or assemblies of other manufacturers with Adel Wiggins parts or assemblies unless approved by Adel Wiggins.

General Information

These products incorporate elastomeric seals selected for specific fluid compatibility. Use only for system usage as specified on drawing or module nameplate. Specifications of materials will be given upon request. Elastomeric seals and hoses are subject to deterioration with age and usage. Periodic inspections must be made to detect deterioration of seals, hose and other damage.

Other components such as the nipple hose ( sealing surface) and socket or nozzle latch mechanism are subject to wear and/or abuse in some services. They should be inspected periodically for damage that might affect sealing, strength, or otherwise result in an unsafe condition. Detecting wear and damage is a USER responsibility.

Inspection intervals should be based on environmental and operating conditions, and adjusted as indicated by experience. An initial inspection within at least 3 to 4 months after installation is suggested.

Pumping modules incorporate pressure switches set to specific pressures. Setting should not be changed since property damage or bodily injury may result.

Life expectancy of product varies with application. Contact factory if life cycle testing is required.

Care and Handling

For proper operation, socket and nipple assemblies must be kept clean. Contamination should be removed.

Prior to connection, assemblies should be examined for mechanical deterioration or damage. Damage which could cause malfunction is sufficient cause for replacement.

Troubleshooting and maintenance of these products should be in strict accordance with procedures set forth in the troubleshooting and maintenance sections of the Technical Brochure of Installation and Maintenance Manual.

In order that this product may be installed and operated properly and safely, the purchaser should assure himself that these instructions are made available to all persons involved in the installation, operation, maintenance or other use of these products.

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