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Wiggins The Better Way

The servicing of heavy, off-road equipment has long been a headache for contractors worldwide. The downtime previously required to properly service large vehicles cut deeply into operational efficiency.

Past conventional servicing methods created hazardous conditions for maintenance personnel. Valuable spilled fuels caused waste and environmental concerns and resulted in increased activity by MSHA and the E.P.A. for prevention of the problem. And dirt and dust contamination caused the very breakdowns to the equipment that scheduled maintenance sought to prevent.

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The development of the Wiggins Service Systems helped to solve these problems. It provides safety and cleanliness for the serviceman as well as economy for the contractor.

The Systems utilize the high efficiency of a closed system. Large capacity pumping modules, in conjunction with dry-break quick disconnect couplings of a full-flow design, permit refueling at rates of 100 GPM, more than three times faster than the traditional splash-fill method.

The bottom fill method concept reduces foaming - and the possibility of picking up partial loads of fuel - which means fewer trips to the service bay.

A complete oil change, which used to take 30 minutes, can now be accomplished in 5...including obtaining a uniform oil sample for spectrographic analysis. The same is true for the replenishment of coolant, transmission and hydraulic fluids.

Cleanliness is an important benefit that's derived from the Wiggins Service Systems. The dry-break couplings help keep the environment from contaminating a system and fluids from contaminating the environment.

Finally, one man, standing firmly and safely on the ground, can perform all of these service functions in just a few minutes.

Virtually all of the work has been taken out of heavy-duty equipment servicing with the Wiggins Service Systems.

Advantages of the Wiggins Refueling System:


  • Reduces fill time by 2/3 and gets the vehicle back on the road.
  • Reduces foaming which results in a full tank and more running time between fill-ups.
  • Reduces spillage because the nozzle automatically shuts off when the tank is full.
  • Reduces accidents because refueling is done from ground level. Personnel no longer have to climb up to the fill neck.

Wiggins Refueling Systems Dry Break Connection and Automatic Shutoff

How It Works:

The Wiggins "fast fuel" system is based on the simple concept of using a sealed vehicle tank to allow a small amount of back pressure to build and automatically shut off the nozzle. A receiver is located near the bottom of the tank for bottom filling which helps to eliminate foaming that occurs during the traditional "splash fill" method at the top of the tank.

The Wiggins ZZ9A1 nozzle is attached to the receiver, the handle is turned to the "ON" position and the diesel pumping module automatically starts filling the vehicle fuel tank at a rate of 150 GPM.

As the fuel enters the tank, it forces the air in side the tank through the hollow stem in the Wiggins vent. When the fuel level in the tank nears the top, two hollow floating balls force the third ground ball against an o-ring seal and stops the flow of air from the tank. Fuel continues to flow into the tank and pressure begins to build. At approximately 5.5 psi, a diaphragm operated piston inside the nozzle starts to shut off the flow of fuel and system line pressure picks up and brings the nozzle to the "OFF" position and the Wiggins diesel pumping module is automatically shut off. The nozzle is disconnected and the next vehicle is ready to refuel.

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